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 Summer of 19

Pic of the Day - Fallen Leaf Lake fun
Lake Tahoe backcountry skiing

Lake Tahoe backcountry skiingLake Tahoe climbingWe went to Snowbird. Utah mountains are fun.">

Waterfall Season is here
Waterfall Season is here
Waterfall Season is here

Tips to Beat the Heat and Crowds
Beating the heat would be easy if that was all you had to do. Just head to the beach, the lake is fantastic. But you can't do that every day and oftimes the true beauty of Tahoe is found away from the masses. But how can you beat the heat and the crowds? The obvious answer is "Get High".  It does hold true for the most part. The higher you go the colder it is and the higher areas tend to be more remote.
But what are some of the secrets to keeing it close, beating the crowds, and the heat?
1. Most important - Start early. This will help with all the rest of the tips (and life in general).
2. Climbing Gyms - High Altitude Fitness in Incline and Blue Granite Climbing in South Lake. Most climbers are doing their thing outside now so the gyms are relatively empty.
3. Choose rivers - One of my favorite ways to spend what would normally be a busy summer Saturday is sitting on the shore of a river. Most of the areas rivers are now at relatively safe levels. Your map software can help if you know how to use it.
4. Avoid the tourist attractions - These are best left for midweek. or low season. Everything stressful about them (parking, lines, crowds, prices,etc) is typically moreso during peak periods.
5. Learn to use your map software. Many hours I've spent on Google Maps zooming in on different opportunities. Now the satellite imagery is fresher than ever almost approaching real time.
6. Pack it in, pack it out. Finding these secret places typically means there won't be restrooms or garbage facilities. Plan accordingly.

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About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is so many things, but it is never the same thing twice. The same thundering waterfall in spring can become a trickle through a golden Aspen grove in fall. In the winter it becomes your favorite double black diamond, aptly named 'Waterfall'. It is a balloon ride not just over the Jewel of the Sierra, but over dozens of other majestic alpine lakes. It is a hike to any of these lakes. It is the Lake itself. It is wilderness areas with no motorized access of any kind. And next to that you'll find some of the best jeep trails anywhere. It's a region known around the globe for it's world class skiing. With summer as the busy season.

The sapphire blue waters present opportunities for fun and recreation wherever you look. Summer brings fishing, swimming, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, or just hanging out at some of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. You don't need to be in a balloon or even on the lake to enjoy it's beauty. The 72 mile drive around the lake is among the world's most beautiful. And the view from any of the peaks surrounding the lake is simply spectacular. For those not looking for a hike of any difficulty, the Gondola at Heavenly provides spectacular views.

Winter brings a white coat to the blue world. The attention moves from the beaches to the mountains, from the lakes to the backcountry. The region is dotted with first class ski resorts and the backcountry shows up in more ski and snowboard films than almost any other location. Both the south and north shore have recently added much in the way of slopeside accommodations, working hard to attain the elusive ski village atmosphere. It seems they've both succeeded.  The fishing in Lake Tahoe is excellent year round (but only July 1-September 30 for it's tributaries).  Charter a boat and have everything ready for you or go it on your own with your own gear. You can pick up your essential fishing rod and reel supplies here.

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