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Blue Granite Climbing Gym

The Vitals

Locals Tips

Divided Sky for beers after.


Yes, but keep them on leash passing thorugh the camp.


Berkeley Camp Rocks on Mountain Project, Rockclimbing.com.

The Routes

First Stage (5.9)
New Jersey Turnpike (5.11b)
Flu (5.11d)
Witch Doctor (5.12b)
Unknown (5.8)
Unknown (5.9)
Salt Water Flush (5.10c)
Leflie (5.12a)
Unknown (5.10c)
Berkely Beserker (5.11a - other wall)

Berkeley Camp

Berkeley Camp features good well protected climbs on good rock with outstanding views of Lake Tahoe. There is a main wall with 6-8 routes and one other rock with a single climb. All routes are well bolted and all the climbs on the main wall are easily toproped. The approach leads you to the top of the wall and it is generally easier to rappel off after setting an anchor than hiking down (and causes less erosion). For sport climbing, 8 quickdraws will usually do the trick. This area has great views of the lake, but it is difficult to get the camera in a spot to capture the climber and the lake simultaneously. The area gets great early morning sun so can be done while other places are still warming up.

Berkeley Camp Pictures

Berkeley Camp rock climbingBerkeley Camp rock climbingBerkeley Camp rock climbingBerkeley Camp rock climbingBerkeley Camp rock climbing

Directions - Leave Meyers heading up Echo Summit on Hwy 50. Turn right  onto Echo Lakes Road and follow it until you get to the Main Cabin/Lodge for Berkeley Camp. Find a pullout that doesn't block the road and is not on their property. Parking is very limited and violations will make it moreso. Walk down through an open meeting area with parking and basketball courts and the rock will be below you.

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