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Blue Granite Climbing Gym

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Head to the potholes afterward for a great swim.




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The Routes

The Schnozz (5.8)
Ear No Evil (5.9)
Evil Variation (5.11a)
Marshmallow Crack (5.8)
A Chickaree's Tale (5.11)
3rd Degree Burn (5.12b)
Dragon's Back (5.11)
Camelback  (5.11)
French Tickler (5.7)
Old Camp Dihedral (5.7)
Meat Lover Crack (5.10b)
Fiddler (5.11a)
The Green Alien (5.11c)
Tulip (5.10c)
The Connector (5.10a)
Bluff Diagonal (5.11)
Parralax Right (5.9)
Parallax Buttress (5.10d)
Edges and Ledges (5.8)
Original Route (5.11)
Widowmaker (5.10a)
Undertaker (5.10b)

Old Camp Bluff

Old Camp Bluff is an ideal climbing area for those hot summer days or any time you want to beat the crowds. The price for this is a long drive from Tahoe and then a bushwhack to where you hope it is. Having been ther several times, it's still a roll of the dice as to whether I'll hike right to it, or end up below it with a scramble back up. North-Northwest facing, and around 7,600' in an area that receives a lot of snow, it can be late June before the entire area is ready for climbing. There are anchors on top of just about very climb and topropes are easy to set up. The quality of the granite is generally very good although the further west along the wall you go the more it is decomposed. The climbs are generally 35'-70' with a couple slightly higher so even a fifty meter rope will usually do the trick.

Old Camp Bluff Pictures

Old Camp Bluff rock climbingOld Camp Bluff rock climbingOld Camp Bluff rock climbingOld Camp Bluff rock climbing
Old Camp Bluff rock climbingOld Camp Bluff rock climbingOld Camp Bluff rock climbing

Directions - From South Lake Tahoe drive to and past Kirkwood on Hwy 88. After crossing the Silver Lake outlet take the first right and head up until it ends.  Head almost due west (just North of) for a little over a half mile. It's somewhat difficult to find until you pass it, at which point it is more obvious as the highest point. EDIT- The gate now seems to be permanently closed. Walk up the gated road. Once you pass a downed gazebo like structure turn right up a dirt road. Then pass the shiny water tower on it's right and follow the well marked cairn trail..

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