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Blue Granite Climbing Gym

The Vitals

Locals Tips

Grab a burger at the Bridgetender after.




Twin Crags on Mountain Project, Rockclimbing.com.

The Routes

Camel Hug (5.11a)
Mohave Rubdown (5.10d)
Cornered (5.9)
Garden Party (5.9)
Iron Jerks (5.8)
Samll Change (5.111a)
Uncle Sam's a Dirty Man (5.12a)
Earth girls Are Easy (5.10a)
Pony Climb (5.10a)
Made of Silk (5.9)
Arete (5.9)
Twin Fags (5.7)
Don't Skate Mate (5.10a)
Johan's (5.9)
Tahoe Bolt Murder (5.10b)
Club Toe (5.11c)
The Ghost (5.9)
Nipples that Cut Glass (5.10c)
Jamalator (5.12a)
By Fair Means (5.10a)
Chris Toe (5.7)
Flirting with Disaster (5.10b)
Unknown (5.7)
Wild Bull Rider (5.11a)
The Dihedral (5.11a)
Scissor Kick (5.12)
Dangerous Dan (5.10c)
Unknown (5.9)
Rap Attack (5.12a)
Throne of Gold (5.11d)
Rurp Line (5.7)
Unknown (5.9)
The Dagger (5.9)
A Fine Line (5.10b)
Slam Dunk (5.12b)
Short Sack of Bus Stops (5.8)
Unknown (5.7)
Unknown (5.9)
Unknown (5.9)
Made in the Shade (5.9)
Don't be Afraid of the Dark (5.11a)
Just Left (5.10b)
Just Right (5.10d)
Unknown (5.9)

Twin Crags

Twin Crags is by far the closest climbing to Tahoe City being just out of town and with a short approach. Despite that (and the great lake views) it doesn't see much in the way of crowds. the rock is slick, but well featured basalt columns filled with splitter type cracks. The climbing is mostly trad and top rope, but there are typically bolts available whenever pro is lacking. Due to the basalitic column nature of the rock, the routes are pretty tighly packed in (there's over 40 on the 400' long cliff). Many share anchors at the top. The selection of difficulty is very good here with an excellent distribution between 5.7 up to 5.12. To top rope, hike around to either side of the cliff band.

Twin Crags Pictures

Twin Crags rock climbingTwin Crags rock climbingTwin Crags rock climbingTwin Crags rock climbing
Twin Crags rock climbingTwin Crags rock climbing

Directions - From Tahoe City head North on Hwy 89. Approximately 1/2 mile N of the intersection of 28 and 89 you will see Twin Crags Rd on the right. Take it and then take the left when it forks. Go to the end.

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