West Meyers Walls - Lake Tahoe Rock Climbing
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The Vitals

Locals Tips

Divided Sky is a great place to park and carpool from. And what a coincidence it's a great place to raise a pint afterward.


Yes, but the Guntower Wall is right next to a popular mountain bike/hiking trail if that's an issue for your dog.


Meyers Area on Mountain Project

The Sections

CalTrans Wall
4X4 (S, 5.7)
Slippery When Wet (S, 5.7)
Chain Control (S, 5.8)
R2 (S, 5.7)
R1 (S, 5.6)

Slab o' Meyers
Gripworks (S, 5.7)
Shralpnel (T, 5.6)
Meyers 2 Step (S, 5.9)
Sustainable Cory (S, 5.8)
Groove Crack (T, 5.8)

Guntower Wall
Hard Slab (S, 5.11a)
Fire for Effect (S, 5.8)
Gazex (S, 5.10d)
Persistent Weakness (S, 5.11b)
Detonation (S, 5.9)
Live Ordinance (S, 5.10b)
Fire in the Hole (S, 5.9)
Avalauncher (S, 5.10a)
Misfire (S, 5.10a)
Support your S.A.C. (S, 5.9)

Guntower Wall North
Optischnauzer (5.11a)
Endless Plight (5.11b)
Dog Party (5.12b)
Powerbox (5.12b)
Box Envy (5.11c)
Magic Box (5.11d)

Meyers Multipitch
Lichen or Leave It (S, 5.10c)
Mu (S, 5.9)
Divided Sky (S, 5.7)


The area in west Meyers as you head up Highway 50 toward Echo Summit has seen a ton of recent development in 2016. The combination of short drive, short approach and well bolted easy to moderate sport climbing has made it popular right away. The climbs are at low elevation and get a lot of sun so they're best in the fall or late in summer afternoons.

Meyers West Pictures

Overview of the area.CalTrans WallThe Meyers Multipitch Area.The God WallCalTrans WallMeyers ClimbingMeyers climbingGuntower WallMeyers climbing

Directions - From South Lake Tahoe/Meyers head west under Echo Summit. The parking is on the left side of the road about .7 miles past the North Upper Truckee turn. It's easiest to pull into the gun turret pull out (no parking here) to turn around.

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