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Freel Peak

The Vitals elev.-10,881 Rock- Broken granite
elevation change ~2,500 feet
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Freel Peak is the highest peak in the entire Lake Tahoe region but can still be hiked in under four hours if you are in good shape and know the proper route, which isn't hard. There are a number of ways up but the quickest and most direct route starts from USFS road 051, which is located just under a mile south of Luther Pass on Highway 89. Follow the dirt road (4x4 SUV is recommended, although we saw 2-wheel passenger cars and I've done it a Subaru Legacy a number of times) about 4 miles back to Horse Meadow. Find a parking spot and head up. While you have a view you will see what looks like three peaks. These are Freel, Jobs Sister, and one in between. To access Freel you should aim for the saddle between Freel (left) and the unnamed peak in the middle. This direct route is very steep and comprised mostly of loose gravel. When you gain the saddle you head left up the trail another400 vertical feet to the bare summit. It's rather easy to do Freel Peak and Jobs Sister in the same day, and you can also add in Jobs Peak (another ten grand peak). Great News-The ugly microwave eyesore tower thing has ben removed from Freel Peak.

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