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Lodging in Lake Tahoe

Lodging in Lake Tahoe has improved greatly in the recent past and continues today on both the North and South ends of the lake. Areas around the ski area bases have all been greatly expanded and in the lodging core of South Lake Tahoe, urban blight has been turned into a thriving village surrounding the Heavenly Gondola. That doesn't mean everything available is upscale or out of the reach of the average Joe. Lake Tahoe still has plenty of variety available and enough choices to suit most tastes and budgets.

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Tips for booking your lodging online-
Lodging Tip #1 - Read the reviews, but with a grain of salt handy. Don't get turned off by one or two bad reviews, Tahoe gets too many tourists each year for them all to go home happy. If you look at enough of them you will see recurring trends. Which make up the basis for many of our tips.

Lodging Tip #2 - Air Conditioning - Few Tahoe hotels have it so if you are coming in mid summer (July-August) and it's important to you, check first. Heating you can pretty much count on.

Lodging Tip #3 - Rooms matter - Time and time again we'll see reviews about how the first time we visited this hotel we stayed in the ivory tower and it was great. The next time we decided to try the cellblock tower and we were disappointed. Many, many times the room you get is more important than the hotel or resort you are at.

Lodging Tip #4 - How to avoid the 'Great Website-Sorry Place' syndrome. We might not have stayed at a particular place, but we can tell you if their web site is in line with their property.

Lodging Tip #5 - Traveling at the last minute? there may be some special deals for you. Some hotels will put up signs like "Manager's Discount Tonight". That means they have extra rooms they want to book, and are willing to deal to book them. 

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