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Alpine Meadows

The Vitals- Vertical 2,198 feet Acres 2,400 Average Snowfall 495 inches
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Alpine Meadows is a beautiful, low key family resort with a great relaxed attitude. It's one of the few resorts in Tahoe where I feel comfortable purchasing a ticket at regular price. Getting this mountain at only $39 (accept holidays) is the best deal in town. Because there is no doubt you are getting a great mountain. In the spring you can get a $99 spring pass which in 2005 was valid from March 27-May 31. The resort has fantastic steeps with plenty of northern exposures. While it's not as tall as other Tahoe resorts it is a ridgeline at the crest of the Sierra and tends to scrape alot of snow from the frequent winter storms. Allpine Meadows is a mecca for freeheelers with all the hike to terrain just outside the boundaries. There is an open boundary policy but check before you leave. Take a look at this topo map to get an idea of the possibilities.
There is only one base facility which means at the end of the day everyone gathers at the same place. It's always a good time. Every Saturday in Spring there is live music on the deck as well. There are other on mountain facilities however. My favorite is the Ice Bar located on the backside at the bottom of Sherwood Lift.


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