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Home : Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts : Kirkwood : Day at the Wood

An A-Typical Day at the 'wood

This typical day at the wood started innocently enough, with a quik hike to the top of Glove Rock to get warmed up and try the North facing aspects on the other side. Then we decided since we were already there we should hike out to Martin's Point and check out the massive crown from an early January slide. While up there we looked across the valley and decided it would be cool to ski on the opposite ends of the horseshoe on the same day. But, alas, the Martin's Point run was so good we had to do it again. After that we took chair 10 through Eagle Bowl to two and out beyond Red Cliffs. Our plan was originally to ski back into Kirkwood but then we got to thinking about skiing to Caples, which would give us the same exposure as Martin's Point. So off we went and it was delightful. Then we skied over to Kirkwood Inn where they had tacos for only $1.50. Good Tacos. The only down side was that the Kirkwood Shuttle couldn't go all the way to the Inn to pick us up (Wassup wit dat?!). All in all, this typical day gets an A.

...Crown of Kirkwood Avalanche .Kirkwood Avalanche Crown.. Caples Lake skiing ..Cliffs Over Caples Lake

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