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Tahoe Photo Galleries - Day One - Finals
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Below and on the next index page you will find at least one photo of every skier involved
in the finals. Sorry knuckledraggers, I can't wake up that early.
aaron_estarda_sf aaron_estarda_sf_1 andy_racich aurelien_ducroz ben_wheeler bill_wally
bill_wally-1 brady_smedrud brian_anzini brian_anzini-1 brian_anzini-2 charlie_berg_sf
chris_thomas craig_garbiel craig_garbiel craig_garbiel dave_treadway dex_mills
dex_mills drew_billington drew_tabke ehren_olsen ehren_olsen frank_fazzino
geoff gunnar_newquist guy_mormeault hamish_acland hamish_acland hamish_acland_sf
hiking ian_mcintosh_sf ian_mcintosh_sf jamie_blair jamie_burge jared_dalen

Last Updated May 20, 2005