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Map of South Lake Tahoe Hotels- the Bijou Area

The Bijou area features a number of hotels by and on the lake. The hotels are all rather dated but are maintained well and fitted with modern amenities. Not listed here are the numerous strip motels lining the opposite side of Highway 50. While these properties have excellent lake frontage, the water here is very silty from the runoff of the Upper Truckee River and Cold Creek. The water isn't polluted, but it isn't clear like other areas.

The Hotels-
Inn by the Lake, Beach Retreat Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge, Lakeland Village, Tahoe Beach and Ski

Nearby Activities -

1. Campground by the Lake
2. South Lake Tahoe Library
3. South Tahoe Ice Rink
4. South Lake Tahoe Rec Center
5. Tahoe Bowl
6. Bear Beach Cafe
7. MacDuffs

8. Lakefront Wedding Chapel
9. Freshies and Shops
10. Safeway
11. Blue Water Bistro/Watersports
12. Sierra Ski and Cycle
13. Bijou Municipal Golf (9 hole)
14. Bijou Center shops

15. Big Daddy's Burgers
16. Heidi's Panckes
17. The Brewery
18. Blue Moon Saloon
19. Ski Run Marina/Tahoe Queen
20. Mo's Place



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