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Blue Granite Climbing Gym
Climbing at Eagle Lake Cliff

Climbing in and around Lake Tahoe

Rock climbing is plentiful in the Tahoe Basin as well as the surrounding Sierra. There is an abundance of different rock types, from smooth polished granite to juggy knobs at almost all levels. There is no shortage of top rope, sport, or trad climbs at a number of beautiful locations. Typically you can find somewhere to climb nearby whatever the season, and there are climbs at all elevations so you can regulate the temperature easily.

Emerald Bay/Eagle Canyon
90 Foot Wall - Right off the road in Emerald Bay. Toproping and Trad. (5.7 - 5.11)
Smoke Rock - Shortest approach at the lake. Short routes too. Top Rope or Trad. (5.9 - 5.11)
Mayhem Cove - Short approach and great views. Sport. (5.9 - 5.13)
Eagle Lake Cliffs - Good selection of difficulties and mix of route types. Sport, TR, or Trad. (5.8 - 5.12)
Eagle Creek Cliffs -  Long cliff line just beyond Eagle Lake Cliffs. Trad and TR. (5.7 - 5.11c)
Eagle's Nest -  Moderate to Diificult climbs in the Eagle Lake zone. (5.10 - 5.12b)
Eagle Lake Buttress - Short multi-pitch routes in a gorgeous setting. (5.5 - 5.10a)

Hwy 89 South
Luther Spires - Great selection of sport, trad, and top ropes on quality rock. (5.7 - 5.11a)
Luther Rock -  Moderate to difficult sport routes on unique, well featured rock. (5.9 - 5.11d)
Hidetaka's Hideout - Small selection of mixed climbs in a pretty large area. (5.10b - 5.11c)
Woodfords - Huge, as yet poorly documented area with many climbs of all types (5.5 - 5.13+)
True Value Crag - Roadside sport crag along the east fork of the Carson River (5.9 - 5.12)

South Lake Tahoe/Meyers
Bottle Creek - Short drive and short approach. Sport, Trad, and TR. (5.7 - 5.11c)
Meyers Area - Newer area you won't find in guidebooks yet. Mostly sport with a few trad and top ropes. Several multi-pitch sport routes. (5.7 - 5.11a)
Pie Shop - Known as a bouldering area. Lots of good climbing too. Sport and Trad. (5.7 - 5.12b)
Spaced Invaders -  Overhanging sport or top rope crag with well featured rock. (5.11 - 5.12)
Space Domes - Selection of short sport or top ropes on sharp rock. (5.8 - 5.11)
Berkeley Camp - Short approach to this top rope friendly sport crag. (5.8 - 5.12)
Castle Rock - High above Stateline you'll find great views and good climbing. Sport or TR (5.5 - 5.11+)

Highway 50 West
Lovers Leap - The climbing Tahoe is known for. Mostly Trad but some sport. (5.5 - 5.12d)
Phantom Spires - Lots of climbing on great and varying rock. Sport, Trad (some multi-pitch), or TR (5.5 - 5.12c)
Sugarloaf -  Great winter climbing on a huge buttress/dome. Mostly multi-pitch trad (5.6 - 5.13c)
Wrights Lake Cliffs - Exciting climbing in a beautiful high country setting. Sport. (5.8 - 5.13a)
Echo Lakes - Lots of Trad climbing spread out over a large area along Echo Lakes. (5.6 - 512b)

Highway 50 East
Spooner Crag - Smallish sport crag at the top of Spooner Summit. (5.8 - 5.13a)
Ballbuster Rock - Lots of climbs packed into a small rock. Trad or TR. (5.6 - 5.11b)
Dinosaur Rock - Fun rock just outside of Carson City. Sport or TR. (5.5 - 5.11c)
Shakespeare Rock - Mostly difficult climbs in a spectacular setting. Sport and 1 TR (5.6 - 5.11d)
Prison Hill - On the east side of Carson Valley facing west. Good winter climbing (5.3 - 5.12)

Highway 88
Elephant Graveyard - Many climbs spread out over 12 walls. Trad and sport. (5.8 - 5.12)
Old Camp Bluff - Fun summer climbing that's hard to find. Sport or TR. (5.7 - 5.12b)
Kirkwood Lake - Walk around and find a climb. Interesting rock. Sport and TR. (5.7 - 5.12)

North Lake Tahoe
Trippy Rock - Small rock with fun climbs. TR or Sport. (5.5 - 5.11c)
Crystal Bay Boulder - Few easy to get to climbs with awesome views. Top rope or Trad. (5.10ish)
Twin Crags - Fun basalitic climbs with great lake views. Sport, Trad, or Top rope. (5.7 - 5.12b)
Big Chief -
Truckee River Canyon -

We provide this information as a free service. All we ask is that you follow these terms of service. Click here for additonal climbing links.

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