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Blue Granite Climbing Gym

The Vitals

Locals Tips

Sip your favorite beverage on the patio at Brothers Bar and Grill after your day on the wall.




Mountain Project, Rockclimbing.com, theCrag.com

The Routes (from left to right)

Shuman the Human (5.5-5.7)
Rentier (5.7)
Lost in Space (5.11a)
Strontium 90 (5.8)
Bastille (5.11b)
Relativity (5.10b)
Alias Emil Bart  (5.10c)
Ripoff (5.10)
Neverending Story (5.11)
Fallout (5.9)
Bachars Line (5.11)
Holdless Horror (5.6-5.7)
Vintage 85 (5.9)
Lightning Bolt (5.10b)
Ice 9 (5.10a)
Polar Circus (5.11c)
Ti-si-ack (5.10d)
Dave's Run (5.11b)
One More for the Road (5.10d)

90 Foot Wall

There are a number of climbing areas within Eagle Canyon. The 90' wall is one of the easiest to get to, and has by far the most topropable climbs. As such, it is also by far the most crowded. The climbs range in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.11c , with the majority in the 5.10 range (although there is a lot of variability in the ratings from the different guides). The rock does get polished and slick from the abnormally large amount of use it gets. The climbing season is generally mid to late May until first November, although it varies with our winters. Topropes are easily established by walking around the wall to the left and scrambling up (easy). Some of the bolts are set back from the edge a bit so bringing a few longer slings or runners is a good idea.

90' Wall Pictures

Eagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbing Eagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbingEagle canyon climbing
Eagle canyon climbing

Directions - Eagle Falls is north on Hwy 89 out of South Lake Tahoe (or south on 89 out of Tahoe City) at the head of Emerald Bay. There is paid parking in the lot or free parking on the road. both can fill up as the place is very popular for all types. Head up the Eagle Lakes trail on the mountain side of the road and shortly you will come to a right turn (Eagle loop trail). Follow that until you get a vista sign. Follow that past the vista and you will drop down to the base of the wall. It's less than 10 minutes.

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