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Blue Granite Climbing Gym

The Vitals

Locals Tips

Strawberry Lodge for beers after.




Sugarloaf on Supertopo, Mountain Project, Rockclimbing.com, theCrag.com

The Routes

East Face
The Fang (5.9)
Bird Man (5.11d)
Talkig Heads (5.11b)
Stone (5.10a R)
South Summit Bolt Ladder (5.10a)
Harding's Chimney (5.8)
Gallows Pole (5.11b/12a direct)
Beast of Burden (5.2a)
Scheister (5.7)
Blue Velvet (5.10c)
Crushed Velvet (5.10c)
Farley (5.9)
Opus 7 (5.11d)
Grand Illusion (5.13b)
Mini-Illusion (5.12b)
Taurus (5.11b)
Lady Luck (5.10a R)
The Fracture (5.10d)
Telesis (5.11b)
Dominion (5.10a)
Captain Fingers (5.12c)
East Chimney (5.7)
Morticia (5.9)
Lurch (5.8)
Swallow Tail (5.9)
Monkey Flower (5.10c )

West Face
Northern Lights (5.12a)
Happy Face (5.10c)
Hyperspace (5.10b )
Twist and Shout (5.10a R)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (5.11b)
Only the Young Die Brave (5.11c )
Under the Spreading Atrophy (5.11b)
Pony Express (5.9)
Cry Uncle (5.12a R)
Expresso (5.11a)
West Chimney (5.8)
TM's Deviation (5.9+)
Grand Delusion (5.12d)
Fat Merchant Crack 5.10b X
Sugar Daddy (5.11c)
Ghost in the Machine (5.12a)
Ziplock (5.11d)

South Face
Harder than it Used to Be (5.12a)
Bolee Gold (5.10c)
Hooker's Haven (5.12a)

Fingerlock (5.10a/b)
Make That Move Now Baby (5.10d)
Sound of Perserverance (5.11)
East Corner (5.9)
Rug Doctor (5.9)
Fly Trap (5.7R)
Mad Dog (5.10d)
Dog Fight (5.11c)
Dirty Dog (5.10c)
Wintergreen (5.10c)

Midway Rock
Urchins Ate the Coral (5.10d)
Turning Point (5.10b)
Gooney Dunes (5.9+)
Flight Deck (5.11c)
Self Abuse (5.10b)
Diagonal Left (5.9)
Diagonal Right (5.9)

Dental Wall
Cracked Tooth (5.8)
Gumline (5.9)
Cuspid (5.6)
Plumbline (5.10d)
Toothpick (5.10d)
Gingivitis (5.10d)

West Buttress
Short Toe (5.10b)
Middle Toe (5.9 )
Long Toe (5.8)
Sacroiliac Joint (5.7)
Left Cheek (5.8)
Pickin' It (5.9)
Knobelty (5.10a)
Scratchin' It (5.9)
Cryptogamic (5.7)
Sciatica (5.10d)


If you're looking for something to prepare yourself for a trip to the Valley, or just looking to get on some Yosemite style climbs without heading to the Valley, then Sugarloaf is the place to go. The granite is smoother than most of Tahoe, without the knobs and dikes that characterize other areas on Hwy 50. The routes seem to be graded more along the lines of those in Yosemite as well. There are actually several small walls in the vicinity and on the trail up that offer single pitch sport and top rope routes. While there are over 30 routes on these walls, the main attraction is the 350' tall granite buttress that Suagrloaf is named after. The routes here are mostly multi-pitch trad, but there are some sport routes and many of the multi pitch lines have chains after the first pitch so you can lower off or top rope. Sugarloaf is broken up into the East Face, the West Face, the South Face

Sugarloaf Pictures

Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing Sugarloaf rock climbing

Directions - Sugarloaf sits above Hwy 50 in Kyburz. Park on the south side of the road across from the phone company building as seen in the first picture  (DO NOT park in their lot!). Hike up behind the building and keep hiking up. You will pass several of the smaller walls on the trail up.

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