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About Lake Tahoe - Events - Lake Tahoe Fireworks

Lights on the Lake

Notice: As of June 30th, the Labor Day Fireworks show has been cancelled and discontinued (link).
Twice a year South LakeTahoe pulls out all the stops to put forward a fireworks extravaganza that swells your heart with patriotism and pride. Both Labor Day and July Fourth have become traditional party days here in the basin, with the 4th signifying the beginning of high season and Labor Day marking the end. The fireworks are typically launched from several barges (including the original M.S. Dixie) moored just off the South Shore at Stateline. By far the two best places onshore to watch the show are Edgewood and Lakeside Beach. Edgewood has traditionally been rented out by the major casinos, but this year tickets are available for a buffet dinner (Filet Mignon, Roasted Salmon, and much more). Click here to view available ticket options. Nevada Beach is another prime spot and Lakeview Commons is also good, but not as close as some would like. Once you get past Regan Beach they are too far away in my opinion and once you pass Nevada Beach on the Nevada side there are hills blocking the view. Of course the best option is to be on a boat directly under the fireworks. If you're on a boat be sure to bring warm clothes. It probably won't be too cold at the end of the show, but several hours later, when you are finally getting your boat out of the water, it will be.
Fireworks Photography Tips - The quick version is simple -Use a tripod, remote release or timer, ISO 100, bulb 2-4 seconds, f8 or f11. You can find a much more in depth version here. In general, this means you must have a DSLR to use the timer and bulb function, though not always.
Labor Day also features the annual race between the M.S Dixie II and the Tahoe Queen. The race has lost a little bit of flavor recently. It used to be between two local companies competing bitterly with each other. Nowadays, both boats are owned and operated by Aramark.

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