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The teahouse photo shown here is brought to you from Lake Tahoe Water Trails, where you'll find an extensive gallery of Tahoe Images.


Click here for our Vikingsholm and Fannettte Island Pictures

Fannette Island is the only island of any consequence in Lake Tahoe. While Emerald Bay was carved by glaciers, something about the granite of the island resisted those tremendous forces to rise from the bay's floor and 150 feet out of the water. There have been two strong personalities associated with Fannette Island. The first was Captain Dick "Them's my toes" Barter who was quite a colorful character. The second was Lora Knight a major philanthropist who gave extensively to youth groups in California and to various charities in the Truckee Meadows and Tahoe Basin. She was also a major supporter of Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing. She was responsible for both Vikingsholm and the teahouse on Fannette Island, where she would have summer guests for high tea (at 6,378 feet above sea level, it was really high tea). Visitors to the teahouse will find it in disrepair due to years of harsh winters and vandalism.
The adventurous can find rocks to jump off here.
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