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Carson Valley Express - Porcupine Ridge

The Vitals

Directions - Either use Heavenly's lift systen to get to the backcountry access gate above Gate A, or hike to Monument  Peak from Skyline trail. Without access to Heavenly lifts skin up from Stagecoach Lodge.

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Locals Tips

It's typically very easy to hitch back up to the top of Kingsbury.

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1/05/05-It's not every year we get a chance to ski from Monument to Gardnerville but it looks like this year we'll be able to do it for the rest of the year. The base is excellent even down to the valley floor. The jeep road out may have coverage all year. While at the time of this trip access is not legal if your on a Heavenly ticket, it's still a fairly easy hike in to 5,000 feet of untracked freshies. The quickest entrance is from Stagecoach lodge. Head straight up the hill to Milky Way Bowl and up to the peak. The actual gate, if ever allowed, should be right above Gate A for Killebrew Canyon. You can enter the area from anywhere along the boundary line for either Killebrew or Mott Canyon, although if you're on a Heavenly ticket you must use the gates when access is allowed. Sadly, I have no action pictures for this tour since I ended up doing it alone. While entering the backcountry alone is not recommended, it can be extremely peaceful and rewarding. At the very least make sure people know where you are going. This tour describes the route when using Heavenly's lifts meant you were breaking the law by crossing the boundary line. That's no longer the case.
Once you're into the run you want to keep heading left as you head down. Starting from the peak you would ski down until you are below Boundary Glades of Killebrew Canyon. Once your past you head left and reach another face. You'll ski this for a little bit and head left again. This will place you under the Promised Land of Mott Canyon. Now pick a line and stick with it until it starts to flatten out. You want to make sure you cross the creek before you get too far down or you'll have to climb out of the gully. None of the above is written in stone. You can hang way out to the skiers right if you like, you'll just have to traverse farther back left at the end.
Another option is Porcupine Ridge which is down from Monument Peak to Monument Pass and then up the opposite ridgeline. This will put you farther to the right at the bottom which won't be a problem as long as there is enough coverage. Remember, it's called sidecountry but once you're out the gate you are in uncontrolled backcountry terrain. Porcupine especially has complcated terrain prone to slide that can be difficult to manage.

Heavenly sidecountry Heavenly sidecountryHeavenly sidecountry
Heavenly sidecountryHeavenly sidecountryHeavenly sidecountry

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