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Home - Hiking - Cracked Crag

Cracked Crag

The Vitals

Elevation - 8,782', Rock - Sierran Granite
- Take Highway 89 north from South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake Road (just past Camp Richardson). Park at Lily Lake which is at end of road.

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Locals Tips

Lake Tahoe AleWorx for great beer and pizza when you're done..

Recommended Gear

Hiking Shoes
GPS Device
Hydration Pack

I've always looked longingly at Cracked Crag on my various hikes up Tallac, to Gilmore Lake, Grass Lake, and more. One early summer day in 2005 we decided to bag it. I told my buddy Bret it would be a quick 4 hour hike. I lied. It was a nine hour grunt with little time spent on the actual trail. we started from Lily Lake and headed up the trail towards Glen Alpine Springs. At the first waterfall we crossed the creek and started dead reckoning towards what looked like the easiest way up. I'm pretty sure we could have done better. we headed up through some very steep very thick brush until things leveled out on the shoulder of Keith's Dome. From here on, it was pretty easy going until we reached the summit block, which was also rather easy. After some pictures and a quick bite at the top, we were on our way back down to Lake Le Conte. From there we boot skied down a north east exposure to Heather Lake. Then to Susie Lake and the long hike out.

Lily lake Cracked Crag Waterfall Crossing the creek Rushing water
Susie Lake and Jack's peak View of Fallen leaf Lake and Tahoe View of Fallen leaf Lake and Tahoe Alpine Lake Alpine Lake
Dick's peak and Susie Lake Lake Lucille Lake Jabu means we're getting close Pyramid Peak and Lake Aloha Susie Lake from Cracked Crag
Lake Le Conte, Lake Aloha and Mosquito Pass Jacks Peak and heather Lake Lake Le Conte Heather Lake Susie Lake
    Looking across Susie Lake to Mount Agassiz    

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