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Angora Lakes to Echo Peak and Indian Rock

The Vitals: Elevation change 1600 feet - Peak 8895
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In my many trips to Angora Lakes I have often looked up with longing at Echo Peak and Angora Peak, usually with the thought of skiing the north facing slopes of Echo. It occurred that it might be a good idea to check it out in the summer especially on a day without too much time available. It definitely was a good idea. Start the hike from the Angora Lakes parking lot and head up the the resort. From the resort head around the left side of the lake and look for a trail that gains the ridge line coming down from the peak. There are numerous trails marked with cairns all heading to the same place. You just want to avoid getting to far right as you can get closed out before getting to the peak. The same can happen if you get too far left. Hiking at a brisk pace (something I would regret the next day), we reached the summit about an hour after leaving the car. The views from the peak were astounding and there are numerous opportunities to hang your feet over two hundred foot cliffs without feeling all that exposed. After spending a bit of time on the summit we headed over towards Indian Rock. This part of the trip was filled with wildflowers (early July) and also presented the opportunity for a little boot skiing (something else I almost regretted). From the ridge line between Echo and Indian Rock we headed down a slippery, steep slope to an unnamed small alpine lake that looked excellent for swimming. From here there is a small unmarked trail back to the ridge line that we hiked up. I highly recommend any hike that ends up at Angora Lake on a hot summer day such as this. There is no better lake in the Sierra for jumping into than this gem. A word of caution. This hike involves steep slippery slopes that are easier to negotiate when going up than coming down, especially when your legs are a bit rubbery. And jumping off cliffs can always be extremely dangerous.

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