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Jake's Peak

The Vitals elev.-9,187 Rock- Sierra Granite Skiing vertical- 2,350 feet
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Not having a whole lot of time, and having plenty of sun and warmth, we decided to head up to Jake's Peak, just North of Emerald Bay. Never having been before, I checked with Tahoe Backcountry to make sure we had our bearings straight, and to check out the parking situation. We already knew the way up would be fairly straightforward since there are so few trees, and now we knew that parking was readily available just past the avalanche closure gate on the north side of Emerald Bay. From here we started up at our usual 10:30 starting time. Before we headed out we passed two skiers just finishing who warned us of possible wet slides and hollow conditions. They were right. In fact, we considered turning around before we got into the main gully. Things got better when we reached the gully, however, instead of worse. Soon, we were at the top in what is almost a basin. I never pictured mellow terrain up here amongst all the jagged granite spires visible from the road. After taking in the magical scenery for a long while we decided to head down the eastern face off the peak towards Emerald Point far below. The top portion in the trees was less than ideal but it soon opened up to the huge slide path with about four to six inches of slush on top. Not only that, but Lake Tahoe is HUGE directly in front of you the rest of the way down. For some reason this aspect hadn't been skied nearly as much as the southeast bowl, which was pretty much trashed. Once past the old pinwheels and associated trenches, it was a smooth open bowl for high speed GS water skiing turns. In other words, Big Fun. Of course, we turned right towards the parking lot a bit too late and had to walk up Hwy 89 for about 1/4 mile. Still, we completed the tour in just under 4 hours. I highly recommend it for days when time is short and the skies are blue.

When entering the backcountry, proper precautions should be taken, including avalanche beacon and the know-how to use it, shovel, compass or GPS, friend, weather information, and common sense. Click here for thelatest avalanche advisory info. You can also find more info on our gear pages.

Ride Aware, It's Big out there.


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