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Mountain Facts

Peak Elevation - 9,983'

Elevation Change - 4,100'

Distance - approx 3.0 miles

Rock type - sierran granite

Topo Map

Stats listed for Rocky Canyon Trail

About Lake Tahoe - Hiking - Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak is one of the Tahoe Sierra's toughest hikes, no matter how you slice it. There are three main trails to reach. Rocky Canyon, which sports a 4,100' vertical gain (highest in Tahoe region); Lyon Creek Trail, which exchanges 800' vertical for an additonal 2.5-3 miles; Horsetail Falls, which is between the two in terms of distance and vertical gain, but much tougher than either. While the peak itself is nothing more than a giant pile of boulders, the hike in from any direction is beautiful. The views from the top are stunning in every direction.

Pyramid Peak Topo The Rocky Canyon Trail follows the creek bed for a while. Sierra Grouse First view of the peak These unnamed lakes look like fantastic swimming holes
Spending time on the peak View to the North. Agassiz and Price View to NE. Lake Aloha, Cracked Crag and Mount Tallac East view. Lake of the Woods SE View. Looking at Sierra at Tahoe.
Climber tops out in the western view. I want to live here.   July (or maybe August) turns anyone Fun with Photoshop

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