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About Lake Tahoe - Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a breeding ground for new watersports, whether of the frozen or liquid variety. That, combined with frequent afternoon winds, meant it was only matter of time before kiteboarding took hold here. And take hold it has. In the winter, you'll see the kites flying on many of the area's frozen lakes or even just open spaces. Some of the favorite spots include Hope Valley, Caples Lake, and Grass Lake (at the top of Luther Pass), or others. Basically anywhere with a large open area, good wind, and a road nearby (there is a lot of equipment involved). In the summer, many beaches are fair game, although the consistent winds and lack of obstructions at Nevada Beach give it the locals' thumbs up. Why not consider a new sport today? Interested in kitboarding but not sure it's the right sport for you. There are several option forrentals as well as several shops that can supply lessons.

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