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The North American Freeskiing Championships at Kirkwood - Sponsored by Subaru

4/3/10 - This will be the earliest we've had the event at Kirkwood and we are rewarded with a full on winter storm, which looks to be followed by sunny skies. Due to the recent heavy snows (the woods having another huge season), we don't have any good imagery like last year. In fact, I'm very curious to see wahat the venues are going to look like. At least for Vista, you can pretty much use last years pics to see where the rocks are lurking underneath, but I don't think it will look much like that. I'll try and have cirque pics up after tomorrows events, as long as there is light to shoot.
Since I'm also competing this year, we'll also have at least one run's worth of helmet cam footage (well, maybe not, since the helmet cam came off during a crash at the bottom and has yet to be found).
This year's event was won on the men's side by Dylan Crossman, who edged out Aaron Schmidt for th title. Unfortunately, the weather moved in before the men could get off the superfinal. The ladies got theirs in and Janina Kuzma walked away with the victory. Check out videos from most competitors on the Competitors Video Page.

3/17/09 - The Freeskiing Championship is back at Kirkwood for the 2008-2009 season. The dates are March 19-23, 2009. The corral is the perfect place to watch this event and Kirkwood's food and beverage team will be on hand to help sustain the fun. Come on out. You won't regret it. New for this year, MSI will make video coverage of the event available live online. Naturally, we will also provide extensive coverage with video, as well as still images.
Competitors Video Page - View videos of competitors runs, as well as some feature type things (after a few days). If yours isn't up and you want it, just ask.
Lookout Vista Interactive Viewer - Go over your line with this interactive viewer of the qualifier venue, with pictures all taken 3/17/09.
The Cirque (Lookers Right) Interactive Viewer - Go over your line with this interactive viewer of the qualifier venue, with pictures all taken 3/17/09.
Freeskiing World Tours Kirkwood Event Page

- This year's contest once again drew praise from all the contestants as their favorite event of the year. While snow conditions have been poor in many of this year's contests, Kirkwood once again showed why we love it so much. Two feet of light dry pow fell the days before the qualifier, but bluebird conditions prevailed from Wednesday thru Saturday as winter snow turned to silky corn (with some funk in between). Wednesday brought high winds, so Kirkwood provided their cat skiing operation to get the competitors up the mountain. Friday brought fantastic conditions for both the crowds and the skiers. The snow was good enough that the skiers were able to go big and thrill the crowds, which were large all week. Chris Tatsuno had the run of a lifetime going when he fell at the bottom of the venue. Cory Zila finished in first with many of the world's top skiers just behind him. The ladies proved that it was worth it to get there early for all the action. Saturday again brought blue skies and great conditions. Guerlin Chicherit put together two superb runs to move all the way from 27th into 2nd place. But it was local favorite Craig Garbiel that skied fast aggressive lines on his way back on top of the podium here for his second victory in three years. For the women Laura Ogden needed only to ski a clean line in the superfinals since much of the competition had falls in their superfinal runs. Check out the videos. When you're done looking at them, head on over to usfreeskiing.com's new video player for more action. While you're there, check some of the other events to get an idea why the competitors like Kirkwood so much.

- Below are some pictures of the Cirque as it stands now, the week before the event. The last small storm was followed by an east wind which has left firm conditions over the upper half of the mountain. The current forecast is for a pretty decent storm in early in the week (Monday-Tuesday).

Pictures of the Cirque - March 29, 2006
It was another fantastic event with a nice dump right in the middle letting the athletes go huge in the finals. The Canucks finished atop the French with 2005's champion Craig Garbiel, finishing fourth.
On a very sad note, Sick Bird winner Tobias Lee fell victim to an avalanche outside Mt Baker just 2 1/2 weeks after the contest. Video of Tobias' Sick Bird winning runs

Click here for very large photo of the cirque update 3/21/05.
4/7/05 - Kirkwood riders Craig Garbiel and Josh Daiek thrilled the throngs in the corral with huge air and aggressive line selections all weekend in the Cirque. At the end, only Craig stood atop the podium largely as a result of one of the finest runs the contest has ever seen. The crowds on Saturday were the largest I have seen in 4 years watching this spectacle and they had plenty to cheer for. The weather held long enough that there was time for a superfinal with the eleven best men. This was basically a formality though as Craig Garbiel only had to ski without falling after his 40.2 on the first run of the day. Check out our photo galleries where we have at least one pic from all the skiers on Sunday.

Click here for photos from day one of the 2005 competition - Finals - Results

or check out biglines.com for some photos from Re Wikstrom (website) and some video too.
The contest will be featured on the Jeep World Adventure of Sports on December 17th at 3pm eastern. I'm not sure if that means noon here or not. Check your local listings.

2/14/05 - Each year, something special happens in the Cirque at Kirkwood. This year is no different as the North American Freeskiing Championships are back in town. March 31st will be the qualifier on Lookout Vista. April 1st & 2nd will be in the Cirque, with the 3rd being a weather day. The venue is amazing, not only for the terrain, but also because it sets up so well for viewing. The corral, which lies between Lookout Vista, the Cirque, and Eagle Bowl, provides an excellent view of the competition. Many folks show up with hibachis and coolers and make a day out of it. That's not necessary though as Kirkwood sets up a BBQ and has kegs on hand.

The Cirque at Kirkwood The left hand side of the cirque The right side of the cirque.
Click on images to view much larger details. We'll be sure to current images of the cirque as the 2005 Championships near.

Below are images of folks getting ready for the contest on 3-28-05 in Upper Chamois and Big Jim's. This has been one fantastic March with a Sunny forecast for the contest. Its looking to be the best ever.

powderdayz powderdayz powderdayz

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The event also goes by these names.
Freeskiing World Tour Finals
US Freeskiing Series Finals
Subaru North American Freeskiing Championships

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