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2005 - The Season that Keeps on Giving

Previous years we were already playing all 18 holes at Discwood by mid June. In 2005, June 19th was the first day we couldn't ski all the way to the parking lot. That's allright though cause there's room for skis and discs in the Subaru, so we are always prepared. Not only was there lots of snow left over from a huge year but we had our share of storms in June as well as May. But here we chronicle three days in mid June, the seventh, the seventeenth, and the nineteenth. Two powder days and one silky corn day. June seventh we had about 2-5 inches that filled in nicely in the middle of Wagon Wheel. We hiked up just to the right of the sisters and then around behind to Notch Chute. The seventeenth we had 6+ and we hiked up the road to the top of Sentinel. We hit Ski School Chute and then under Glove Rock, which was kind of funky. The nineteenth we hit Rabbits and Notch Chute again, in great spring conditions. Check out the photos.

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