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About Lake Tahoe - Galleries - Sunsets - Sunsets 2 - Sunsets 3
Lake Tahoe Pictures

Nevada Beach Sunset
6/17/03 Nevada Beach

Sunrise from D.L. Bliss Park 7/23/03
Bliss Sunrise

Best time to view sunsets
May - 7:00-8:00
June - 7:00-8:30
July - 7:00-8:30
August - 7:00-8:00
September - 5:45-7:15

Tallac Vista sunset
8/13/03 Tallac Vista

Lakeside Beach Sunset
Lakeside Marina

Alpenglow on Round Top
Alpenglow on Round Top

Lakeside Marina
10/08/03 Lakeside Marina

Sunset from Pope beach
Pope Beach

Sunset from El Dorado Beach
10/17/03 El Dorado Beach

Lake Tahoe storms
7/28/03 over Mt. Rose


4/02/04 El Dorado Beach

There are a number of places to view Tahoe sunsets from and they're not always where you would expect them. Viewing a Tahoe sunset can be an awe inspiring experience. There are many places you can view an amazing sunset along the lake. In the summer months the best viewing spots are on the south and east portions of the basin. In winter time the South Shore becomes a bit tougher for viewing as the sun sets much further south. At this time areas between Zephyr Cove and Incline Village become the prime spots. Don't forget about the west shore either. You may not see the sun drop behind the mountains, but it can still be a dramaticshow . If you're planning on watching from areas significantly higher than lake level, you can add a little to the ordinary time for sunset New - Check out these new pics in a flash gallery.

6/30/04 Timber Cove


7/02/04 Timber Cove

7/01/04 Edgewood

7/06/04 Edgewood

7/17 Two Images

Cloud formations over Lake Tahoe

More Lake Tahoe Sunsets

Why are sunsets red?


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