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Home - Hiking - Thunder Mountain

Carson Spur to Thunder Mountain

The Vitals 

Directions from Tahoe - Head over Luther Pass (89) and Carson Pass (88) past Kirkwood and to the top of the Carson Spur. Trailhead is on left (South) side of road and well marked.
Round trip - 7.2 miles round trip

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Locals Tips

Start your hike early, and then head to the Potholes to cool off.

I've been thinking about this trail for a long time since it's in one of my favorite areas. Since it's so close to areas of Kirkwood I spend a lot of time in, I figured I wasn't missing much. I couldn't have been more wrong. The hike from the trailhead was a steady climb up to the  wind fence above the spur. A short while later and we were at the Sentinel (familiar territory from our many sidecountry days at Kirkwood).  Once you gain Kirkwood's ridgeline you follow it until you reach Glove Rock. Then you turn right and head to Thunder Mountain. The views are fantastic as you overlook Silver Lake beyond the numerous lava formations. The hike gets fairly steep in a few short sections, but I would rate it moderate overall based on the general lack of whining experienced. With a jaunt like this, hiking boots aren't really required.

Moss covered tree Kids and KirkwoodThunder Mountain View
Hikers on Thunder MountainSummit PhotoV Tree
Glove Rock at sunsetKids and KirkwoodGlove Rock at sunset
Girls at sunsetKids and Kirkwood and Full Moon

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