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Woods Lake

The Vitals-elevation 8200', Swimming, Cliffs, Fishing, Good Handicapped Access.
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Woods Lake is one of the many well guarded secrets of Alpine County. I had been to Kirkwood, Caples Lake, and Carson Pass probably close to a thousand times before my first trip to Woods Lake, which is situated between the three. It is a lake of great beauty where the drainages from Round Top Lake and Winnemucca Lake meet before heading to Caples. From early July to early August the wildflowers are abundant and the water is plenty warm for swimming. There are some small cliffs (rocks really) from which you can dive into the lake. When swimming or walking around the rocks, beware of fish hooks that may litter the landscape. The fishing is plentiful here with the public use area providing many handicapped access spots for fishing and picnicking. There are 25 camping spots here that as far as I can tell are doled out on a first come first served basis. There is also a trail head for those heading to Winnemucca Lake, Round Top, or the Mokelumne Wilderness in general.

Disclaimer- Jumping into Alpine Lakes has inherent dangers regardless of water depth. People break bones every year jumping from cliffs without ever hitting anything but water. Additionally, water depths flucuate greatly during periods of limited precipitation. When runoff from snow melt is significant, the water can be so cold that movement is difficult.

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