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Lake Tahoe Parks and Playgrounds

While ballfields are hard to come by, there is no shortage of playgrounds in Lake Tahoe. Along with the playgrounds listed below are a number at local schools which are open for public use during the summer. The links below take you to pages about each of the parks, or in some cases just an image. The map gives you a general idea where they are, but directions will be given on their respective pages. There are two private parks listed, the Tahoe Keys Park, and Burndt Cedar Beach in Incline Village. Also listed is Lakeside Beach and Marina, which is semi-private. This list is not all inclusive, especially on the north shore away from the beach. Since most of you will be looking at this during the summer, the schools will be closed and many have playgrounds. The school playground equipment may not always be available but most are associated with ball fields that are in use during most of the summer.

Map of Lake tahoe Parks and Playgrounds

  1. Zephyr Cove Park
  2. Kahle Community Center
  3. Lakeside Beach and Marina (semi private)
  4. Regan Beach
  5. South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center
  6. Bijou Community Park
  7. Tahoe Paradise Park
  8. Tahoe Keys Park (private)
  9. n/a
  10. Kilner Park
  11. Tahoe City Commons Park
  12. Pomin Park (Lake Forest Park and Campground)
  13. North Tahoe Beach
  14. Kings Beach Recreation Area
  15. Burndt Cedar Beach (private)

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